Our 2022 Local Election Candidates

This year in the local elections we're supporting 15 target candidates that we want to get elected. Find out who they are, where they're standing and why they're standing below!

Al Arnold

Al Arnold

Ashford Borough Council, Aylesford & East Stour Ward

"I am standing in Aylesford & East Stour in Ashford, Kent because we want to make a real difference in the community by supporting local residents and working with community groups to ensure that facilities are improved and green spaces are protected. "

Alex H - Burnely

Alex Hall

Burnley Borough Council, Brunshaw Ward

"The reason I want to be a Councillor is to fix issues that matter to residents so that people can feel proud of the area they live in.
The reason I chose Greens is because I feel that Climate Change is the biggest risk to future generations, and I think that the Green Party is the political group who is doing to most to combat this issue. "

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Alexander Sallons

Brighton and Hove City Council, Goldsmid Ward

“I'm running to represent Goldsmid ward on Brighton and Hove City Council because I want to be in the room pushing real change in the city, working to improve conditions for hospitality workers like myself, making it easier and safer to walk and cycle across our city. ”

Anastasia Wlaschin-Wiest

Anastasia Wlaschin-Wiest

Manchester City Council, Woodhouse Park

"I hope I can inspire more people to engage in politics, by demonstrating that people should be able to expect active and caring local politicians. If we are to enact real change, we need a movement that is inclusive and recognises that social and environmental justice must come hand in hand. I’m very proud of what’s already been achieved in Manchester, and hope we can do even more with another voice on the council."

Bradley Williams

Bradley Williams

Swindon Borough Council, St Andrews

"This election is about making a difference and having a positive impact on Swindon's residents and environment. I've felt for years that Swindon has stagnated and hasn't moved forward to become the prosperous town I know it can be! There has been a neglect of our cultural and heritage sites, and now is the time for change."

Daniel Rue

Daniel Rue

Bright and Hove City Council, Patcham & Hollingbury Ward

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Edward Elford

Edward Elford

Lewes District Council, Ditchling Ward

"I'm standing because I want to make a difference. I saw how the green councillors on Lewes District Council are managing to enact real change and I wanted to be a part of that. I also believe that local councillors should represent and champion the full diversity of people living in their wards and districts. Where I am unable to represent people in the ward I pledge to still champion their views. "


Elliot Tong

Cambridge City Council, Abbey Ward

"Cambridge’s three Green city councillors have made fantastic contributions towards tackling these pressing issues. With your support, I hope to do so too."

Grace Russell

Grace Russell

Lancaster City Council, John O'Gaunt Ward

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Hamish Mills-min

Hamish Mills

Lancaster City Council, Bowerham Ward

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Cllr Hannah Clare, Brighton and Hove Council

Hannah Clare

Brighton and Hove City Council, Brunswick and Adelaide

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Isabella Metalf-Reiner

Lancaster City Council, University Ward

"I am standing for election because I am passionate about environmental and social justice and want to contribute to the amazing work that our 15 Green councillors are already doing pushing for local climate action in areas such as transport, energy and housing.  I want to represent and uplift the voices of students as Lancaster is our home and so we deserve to have a voice."


Jim Yare

South Tyneside Council, West Park

"I am proud to be working hard for the residents of West Park all year round, supporting your Green Party Councillors with their efforts to make our area better for everyone. I believe that your representatives should put your interests first, and as your Green Party candidate I am free to voice your concerns and I am not told how to vote by my party. "

Matt Brewin-min

Matt Brewin

Mid Sussex District Council, Ardingly, Balcombe & Turners Hill Ward

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Raphael Hill

Brighton and Hove City Council, Round Hill Ward

"l'm standing in Round Hill, a newly created ward in Brighton & Hove. I'm doing this because I think that local politics is a very good way for me to channel my energy into something very productive and helpful to wider society. I feel that effectively run local governments can and do challenge this broken system so that's where I want to be."


Renato Marques

Brighton and Hove City Council, Westbourne & Poets' Corner Ward

"As someone working for the NHS and as a renter, I want to focus on supporting residents with the ongoing cost of living crisis caused by the current Conservative government. I want to ensure that we provide services to the people who will be most affected."

Al Arnold

Thomas Pizzey

Ashford Borough Council, Aylesford & East Stour

"I hope to be a strong presence in the local area and to engage residents and represent people whose voices too often go unheard, while supporting them through a time of economic uncertainty caused by the Conservatives and the effects of climate change. "

Tom Fish

Tom Fish

Lancaster City Council, University Ward

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Tor Pingree-min-min

Victoria Pingree

Worcester County Council, St Clements

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