Our 2022 Local Election Candidates

This year in the local elections we're supporting 12 target candidates that we want to get elected. Find out who they are, where they're standing and why they're standing below!

Alex C - Norwich

Alex Catt

Norwich City Council, Sewell Ward

"I want to be a councillor because Norwich gave me the opportunity to call somewhere I truly loved home and I want to challenge the lazy Labour administration that has neglected it for far too long."

Alex H - Burnely

Alex Hall

Burnley Borough Council, Brunshaw Ward

"The reason I want to be a Councillor is to fix issues that matter to residents so that people can feel proud of the area they live in.
The reason I chose Greens is because I feel that Climate Change is the biggest risk to future generations, and I think that the Green Party is the political group who is doing to most to combat this issue. "

Andrew - Tyneside

Andrew Guy

South Tyneside Council, West Park

“I’m tired of waiting for the wrong people to do the right thing. For the sake of the planet, we need meaningful action today ”

Devon - Islington

Devon Osbourne

Islington Borough Council, Tufnell Ward

"I work at community centres and am witnessing the struggle with everyday life, bills and a lack of opportunities. It doesn't have to be this way and the council can make all the difference. They need people that actually understand what it's like to be in these situations."

Mal - Sheffield-min-min.JPG (1) (1)

Maleiki Haybe

Sheffield City Council, Broomhill and Sharrow Vale

"I am deeply passionate about social justice and spent many years working within the sector in the ward I am running for, mainly in the form of volunteering. I believe the Green party deeply reflects my values and takes both Social justice and Climate justice seriously."

Logan - Sheffield-min

Logan Robin

Sheffield City Council, Walkley Ward

"I've fought for climate justice as long as I can remember, pushing for action to protect the world's most vulnerable people at every level of government. Working as a climate researcher for an environmental NGO has given me an insight into local councils can tackle the climate and nature emergency while making the world a better place for everyone. I'm running for council to help push for that change."

Martin - Sheffield-min

Martin Phipps

Sheffield City Council, City Ward

"I first joined the Green Party for action on climate change and inequality, and that's why I'm re-running to be a councillor: there is no climate justice without social justice, and only the Greens are seriously fighting to address both."

Nate - Newham-min (1)

Nate Higgins

Newham Borough Council, Stratford Olympic Park

"I joined the Green Party at 18 years old, ahead of the 2015 General Election after seeing videos from Amelia Womack on YouTube. After half a decade of austerity, which was brutal to families like mine growing up in poverty, it was so relieving to find a party willing to challenge the mantra of cuts, cuts, and more cuts, which was causing so much harm. I am so proud of our party for winning the argument on austerity, and I cannot wait to represent our party in the council chamber and to fight to save today's young people from another lost decade of cuts, poverty and lack of opportunity."

Nathalie - Tower Hamlets

Nathalie Bienfait

Tower Hamlets Borough Council, Bow West

“I joined the Green Party out of panic and frustration at the status quo. I’ve been able to use these emotions to drive myself and others to fight for a better world. Winning the election is our main aim, but my other goal is to enable others to take the same journey as me. My dream is to turn my peers' despair at the failures of politics into hope for the future by taking practical steps at the local level. If we work together to build a connected network of caring people, we can change the world."

Ria - Croydon-min

Ria Patel

Croydon Borough Council, Fairfield Ward

"I’m so glad to have been selected as a candidate because Croydon deserves better, hard-working Councillors. I joined the Greens mainly for their fantastic policies around social equity, as well as their environmental policies to tackle climate change."

Richard Taylor_Dec2021-min

Richard Taylor

Southwark Borough Council, Nunhead and Queens Road

"I want to be a voice for the people in my area, bring the greens to the table to hold Southwark Council accountable and have a genuine influence on local green policies."

Rosie - Oxford

Rosie Rawle

Oxford City Council, Donnington

"I'm standing to be a city councillor because Oxford is an incredible city, but also one that's rife with inequality - and that needs to change now."