How to prepare for convention

Convention is a great way to involve yourself with the work we do: from campaigning, international issues to elections. You'll get the chance to meet lots of other members, learn about the Young Greens, the Green Party and loads more. And Convention is totally FREE with free vegan lunch provided on both days.

Convention is the place to discuss policy, learn about the youth wing of the party, get more involved, participate in direct action and socialise with other Young Greens. Convention is where our Annual General Meeting is held, and new committees are elected. To top it all off, we announce the winners of the annual Young Greens Awards.

First steps

Could you host?

First things first- where is Convention going to be?

Every year, roughly four months before elections the National Executive Committee open applications to every Young Green group in England and Wales to host Convention.


Why not get your Young Green group to apply? This is an excellent opportunity to boost your Young Green group’s activity and profile; and a great chance to build alliances with other Young Green groups.

Have you got volunteers, an accessible venue and all the things you need? Have you got experience with events organisation, committee work and liaising with suppliers? Check our host requirements list. Make sure you know what dates yourselves and the venue is available, as well as giving an unforgettable reason why you want to host Convention.

Could you run a workshop?

Usually at Convention we hold lots of workshops, all of which hosted by Young Greens. Previously we’ve had workshops on Green town planning, mental health, COP23,Disability Access and our Young Green campaigns, so we’re open to a range of suggestions!

Keep watching our Young Greens Convention page for workshop submission forms, and make sure you get it in before the deadline!

Submit a paper

As Convention is our Annual General Meeting (AGM) theres a chance to discuss policy and the way the Young Greens are organised. Get in touch with if you want more information.

Put yourself up for election

At Convention we have roles up for election, including Co-Chairs of the Young Greens, members of the Young Greens Executive Committee and the Co-Convenors of the Green Students Committee. This is an excellent opportunity to get involved in the decision making process of the Young Greens.

Getting to convention

Book your tickets

Convention is completely free! So make sure you register as soon as tickets are available on our Facebook page. Not a member? Don’t worry, you’re still welcome to come- please book via the non-members registration link.

Once the venue has been announced, make sure you book your venue and accommodation are booked as soon as possible to save some money!

Make sure you and your Young Green group have booked your places at Convention.

Travel and Accommodation

  • Is there anyone else going in your local area? Could you travel together via car, train or bus? Have you got a railcard? It’s important to ask these questions sooner rather than later so that you can get organised. Finally, we would encourage you to please try to get there in as Green a way as possible!
  • Staying overnight? Please make sure you are staying in a safe and established location, and if possible that you are staying with other Young Greens. Could you book an Air B and B with other Young Greens? Or get discounted rates at a hostel? We will be selecting and suggesting recommended hostels for Young Greens to stay at to make sure we have a safe meeting place for Young Greens.

Access Fund and Buddies

  • If you think you're going to struggle to pay for your transport or accommodation, please apply for our limited access fund that will be allocated on a needs basis. Please check our Young Greens’ Convention page for deadlines and forms to apply to the access fund.
  • Never been before? Not to worry, we’ll make sure you’re not going alone. Make sure you’ve found a buddy on our Young Greens’ Convention Facebook page.

Check the timetable

Our timetable will be available on our Young Greens’ Convention Facebook page. Make sure you’ve spotted what workshops you want to go, and that you’ve got time to go to any liberation group meet ups if that applies to you.

It's here!

Your demonstration is finally here. Here's how to get prepared for the day!

At Convention

On arrival we will have Young Green stewards welcoming and directing you to the venue.

On arrival to the venue we ask that you register at the registration desk. If you are a member you will be given a voting card to be used in motion discussions. All attendees will receive a Convention welcome pack.

Beyond this, we ask you are respectful of our rules and procedures and that you have a great time! Please take this opportunity to learn more about our campaigns, hear from outgoing and incoming EC’s and contribute to the future of the Young Greens.

After Convention

If any positions have not been filled after Young Green election announcements at Convention, these roles will be open again. If you’d like a second chance to apply, this is your chance!

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If you would like to give us any feedback, please send an email to