How to prepare for conference

The Green Party conference is run bi-annually every Spring and Autumn. Although this is not exclusively a Young Greens Event, this is an important time for Young Greens to influence the wider party. If you are a party member, this is a crucial time to vote in plenaries, meet our leaders and ensure that the Young Greens are represented.

Why attend?

Conference is a fantastic opportunity to get Young Green voices heard on issues that matter.  At a previous Conference the Young Greens hosted a panel discussion on both Brexit featuring our deputy leader, and a panel on our ‘Save the Bees’ campaign featuring MEP Molly Scott Cato.

Could you submit a motion?

We’re proud to be a party that truly involves our members in the democratic process of creating policy. Please note, you must be a member of the Green Party, not just a member a of a Young Green society to submit a motion. You can join the party here.

If you would like to submit a motion, we advise holding a policy discussion with your Young Green group. This is a fantastic way of engaging members and getting debates going before Conference. If you’d like some more advice on how to do so, please click here.

Want to know a bit more about the policy making process? Log into the members website and click here for a quick summary. If you’d like more in depth information, follow this link.

Could you host a stall?

If you're a group within the Green Party, you may be entitled to a free stall at conference.

There will also be a Young Greens stall hosted by 30 under 30 participants and the Executive Committee, which we encourage you to come and say hello to!

Do you work for an organisation with Green principles? This could be a charity, a campaigning group or a food stall- so whoever you are send an application. Please note as an external organisation you will be charged at a standard commercial rate.

This is a good opportunity to fundraise, gain sign ups and build alliances.

If this sounds of interest to you, please email Conferences Committee at

Get booking!

Conference is announced roughly three months before it takes place. This gives you plenty of time to get yourselves and others booked and ready to go! Remember the earlier you book, the cheaper. To catch those early bird tickets make sure you keep a close eye on when the tickets are out!

Things to book

  • Your conference ticket
  • Travel
  • Accommodation

Please make sure that all travel and accommodation are booked safely. Carpooling and couchsurfing may be a cheap way to do it- but this is not necessarily a safe one. If you do consider any of the above options, please go with a friend. Alternatively we highly recommend sharing a lift with friends, or other greener methods of transport such as trains or coaches. With regards to accommodation, we usually recommend a specific local hostel or if not an Air B and B.

Why not go with your Young Green group? This is a great way of getting your members engaged, excited and involved. We highly recommend booking an Air BnB together, or getting a group booking in a local hostel.

Can’t afford it? There are tickets for people with varying incomes, as well as access funds, so please investigate these options when tickets are available

It's here!


When you arrive at the venue, the first thing you’ll need to do is register at the welcome desk. Here a Green Party representative will give you your personalised welcome pack with a full timetable, voting cards and other important bits of information tailored to you.

First time?

Don’t worry! At Conference both the Young Greens and the National Party make a real effort to make you feel welcome.

In your welcome pack you’ll find a First Timers badge, please wear this so that staff will know to look out for you! Additionally, please come to the Young Greens stall and say hello, we’ll be more than happy to chat and welcome you to the team.

Please read this guide on how conference works for first timers. This will tell you crucial information such as the fact that you are entitled to vote in our plenaries as a member.

Young Greens events to look out for

There are lots of Young Greens events to look out for. Check the conference timetable for more information, but here are some regular features:

Young Greens Quiz

The famous Young Greens quiz features every year at Conference. This is our biggest fundraising event, open to all people in the party Young or Old. The quiz is split into teams, so try and find a team before the quiz starts. If not, ask if you can join another team and make some new friends! Rounds contain charades, music and everything in between so make sure you don’t miss it!


The Young Greens social is a great way to get to know other Young Greens at conference. This is usually a vegan/ vegetarian friendly meal at a nearby restaurant. For information about the social, please come to the Young Greens stall and we’ll let you know more.

After Conference

Take it easy and relax. Conference is up to four days long, and often pretty tiring!

Take some time to reflect. Why not write for the Young Greens Blog about your experience of Conference?

We hope you had a good time, and we hope to see you at the next Conference in 6 months!

For further advice, support and information please email