Young Greens Groups


We are structured in a similar way to the Green Party, with an Executive Committee and a Senate of regional and Welsh representatives who perform the majority of our day to day work. And of course, we have local groups, all whom you can find the details for below.

Along with these two committees, we also have a Structures and Procedures Committee, the Green Students Committee and Liberation Groups.

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Get in touch with your local contact if you want to get involved, or just have a question about a local or liberation groups! Please be aware groups are run by volunteers and may take some time to respond.

Our local groups are also organised into groups of the regions of England and the Nation of Wales - each of which have a contact. These groups have their own mailing lists and events, so please do get in contact with them as well as your local group.

If there isn't a group in your area we can support you to set one up at your school, university or town. Just get in touch to get started.

If you are running a group that isn't listed here, please get in touch too!

Our Liberation Groups are spaces for people from oppressed or marginalised groups in society to come together, share experiences and organise collectively. Most Liberation Group activity is based online through Facebook groups, but Liberation Groups also hold offline training days and meet-ups - earlier this year, we held the first Liberation Group Collaboration event, which brought together members from many different groups to discuss working together. The groups are self-defining and are run by and for their members, with support from the Young Greens Executive Committee.

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Local Groups (Organised by area)

Liberation Groups

Young Greens of Colour

Co-Chairs: Tino Bere

Young Greens Disability Group

Co-Chair: Violet Webb

Young Greens LGBTQIA+

Co-Chairs: Badger Hill and Charlie Button


Young Green Sex Workers


Under 18 Young Greens

Young Greens Women of Colour

Young Greens Women