Ever had a fantastic idea for your Young Greens group but just didn’t have the money to do it?

Then you’re in luck!

Each year, the Young Greens set aside some money to provide a Green Groups Fund, which any affiliated group can bid for up to £150 to spend as they wish, as long they fit the criteria.

Possible Ideas

  • Holding an election training day or canvassing action day and using the money to pay for travel expenses.
  • A targeted local elections leaflet for students in your area.
  • Buying some merchandise
  • Funding travel to attend a Young Greens event


  • You must already be an established Young Greens group.
  • You must have checked other sources e.g. all university societies must ensure this money cannot be given by their union.
  • Prices should be kept as low as possible - e.g. choose the cheapest travel options and hunt around for the best print prices.
  • You may apply for up to £150. Bids over £150 may be considered but only in very exceptional circumstances, and there is no guarantee they will be accepted.
  • You will need to provide receipts to show how the money was spent
  • You must be from a formally affiliated Young Greens Group

The money must be used to fill at least one or more of the essential criteria, with extra credit for those who also meet any of the desirable criteria:


  • Help to grow your group in terms of size or capacity
  • Help the Green Party’s campaign for the upcoming elections


  • Developing skills that will be of benefit for the Young Greens and the Green Party.
  • Building links with other Young Greens groups, and other organisations that share our values.
  • You will need to provide receipts to prove how the money was spent.

Application will be via application form and sent to admin@younggreens.org.uk. Your application will be assessed and the final decision will be made by the Young Greens Executive Committee.

We will inform you within three weeks of receiving your application.

Any other questions let us know. Good luck!

Download the application form here

Check out our useful guide on applying to funding from your student's union here.