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While only 3% of Councillors nationwide are under the age of 30, we’re proud to announce we are above the national average, with 4.8% Young Green Councillors. However we’re not stopping there - we want to increase our numbers, and support Young Green candidates as much as we can! That's why we have set up the Young Green Candidate Community.

The Young Green Candidate Community has five key aims:

  1. To double the number of Young Green Councillors by 2022
  2. To mentor and support to Young Green Councillors when elected
  3. To double the number of Young Greens standing as non-target candidates in local elections by 2022
  4. To double the number of target to win Council candidates
  5. To educate and engage the Young Greens in local elections

Since we began our pilot of the YGCC in January 2018, we have made this happen through hosting training sessions on an offline, designing and publishing targeted Young Green Candidate Literature. In 2018 alone, we saw two new Young Green Councillors elected, as well as having supported countless Target to Win Councillors in their hard fought election campaigns. We know that Young Greens have so much to bring to the table, and we can't wait to provide that extra support for more Young Greens which is always needed when fighting an election as a young candidate.

In 2019 we have even more exciting plans to develop our support for candidates even further with the Local Government Association, with a new 'Why be a Young Green Councillor leaflet' and additional offline training with LGA trainers to look forward to. Watch this space if you would like to access these training and resources!

  • For those who would like to get elected, we will be giving you tailored advice, support and resources. We try our best to ensure you have received 'Target to Win training by recommending you for Green Party's highly competitive Campaign School, as well as our own 30 under 30 scheme.
  • If you want to help the Green Party have a full slate of candidates without putting in much effort at all, why don't you consider becoming a Non-Target Candidate? This is a great way to get involved in elections with minimal effort, as well as allowing people across the country to vote Green. For more info, look at our Non-Target Candidate resource below.
  • Should you wish to start educating yourself on electoral politics, we recommend checking out our webinars and resources, or joining the Young Greens Candidate Community Facebook page.
  • If you aren't interested in having your name on the ballot, make sure you come to our Young Green Action Days (TBC!) and support our Young Green Candidates on social media.

Young Green Candidate Resources

We've created a series of resources including campaign literature and webinars for our Young Green Candidates and Councillors to ensure that Young Greens are being elected across England and Wales.

Last year we offered Young Green training sessions at Conference, and this year we have more plans to train as many Young Greens as possible. Keep your eyes peeled for further news!

Training Webinars

Candidate Leaflets

Unless you have already been approached as a Target to Win candidate it is unlikely we will be able to print these for you. However we recommend printing these documents with your local party or elsewhere via Saxoprint.

Could you be a Non-Target Candidate? 

We've written a few FAQ's to demystify what being a Non-Target Candidate means.