Green Councillors

While only 3% of Councillors nationwide are under the age of 30, we’re proud to announce we are above the national average, with 4.8% Young Green Councillors. However we’re not stopping there - we want to increase our numbers, and support Young Green candidates as much as we can!

We're trying to give Young Greens the confidence to stand for election as a council candidate, and help them persuade their local party they'd be a good choice.Young people have just as much to contribute to their local council as anyone else, and even bring a different set of experiences that can be just as vital. Plus, being a councillor is fun, interesting and gives you skills and experience you'd never be able to get anywhere else.

The Young Greens will therefore be hosting a day of training and presentations for YG candidates and Councillors on the Saturday of Spring Conference. We've also been hosting webinars for our Candidates covering public speaking, local election strategy, hustings training and more.

So if you’re 30 or under and are thinking of becoming a Green candidate in the next year or two, come along to meet other candidates, hear from our Regional Managers about what’s involved and why standing for the Greens is so important. We’ll also be joined by the Party Leadership. Contact the Young Greens Officer, for more information.

If you are standing for election or know of any Young Greens who are, could you please get in touch with Martin Osbourne, Senate Co-Chair by emailing