Join the Young Greens

The threats and challenges facing all of us today need urgent action - and urgent action takes political leadership.

Young Greens are here to take this message to our generation, to get people out there raising concerns, voting, getting elected and putting forward positive solutions. We need YOU!

For student members, Green Party membership starts at just £6 per year. When joining, those who are students or under 30 will automatically become members of Young Greens. Although you may not be allowed to vote until you are 18, there is no lower age limit on joining the Green Party!

Join the Green Party here today. 

When you join you will benefit from:

  • Full membership of the Green Party
  • The right to attend, stand and vote at the Young Greens Annual Convention and the Green Party twice-yearly Conference
  • The opportunity to attend events
  • The chance to apply for our mentoring scheme, 30 under 30
  • Regular email updates from the Young Greens and local groups
  • Campaign support and advice
  • Access to campaign/recruitment materials including leaflets, booklets and posters

How can you join?

You can join Online via the Green Party's secure server - please make sure fill in your date of birth and tick the box to join the Young Greens.

And if you want to get more involved after that, you can always get in touch with by email to find out what's going on in your area.