30 Under 30 2018

The 2018 30 Under 30 cohort is running now and will be part of the scheme until December 2018. You can find out more about the participant below.

 The 2019 cohort will start in January 2019 and run until December 2019.

Applications will open in winter!

Bios of Participants

Joe Herbert

Hi, I'm Joe. I live in Newcastle upon Tyne where I'm a PhD student in Human Geography at Newcastle University, researching young people's green political participation. I'm an active member of the Newcastle Green Party, where I am Young Greens officer, and of Newcastle University Young Greens. I'm looking forward to gaining more of a national perspective on the Green Party and learning about the party's internal workings.

Kirsty Jones

Hello, I’m Kirsty! I’m 28 years old and live and work in Nottingham, having moved here from West Oxfordshire in 2010 to start my nurse training. I now work in the NHS full time as a registered Children’s Nurse at the Paediatric Critical Care Unit (provides both Intensive and High Dependency Care) of Nottingham Children’s Hospital. I have been a Green Party member since early 2010, am a Co-chair of Nottingham Green Party and a job-share Commissioner on the Holistic Review of the Green Party and I have stood as a candidate in local and parliamentary elections. However, I have had very little training, so I am looking forward to 30 Under 30 giving me the skills to be taken seriously in my efforts to improve the Green Party internally as well as meet my ambition to maybe one day be elected!

Cecily Spelling

Hello! My name is Cecily and I'm originally from North Essex. Currently I live in London where I work for an environmental charity focusing on marine policy and campaigns. I've been a Green Party member for 6 years now and am involved with the Islington Green Party, helping with their fundraising and election campaigns. I am looking forward to gaining election campaigning skills, better understand how the green party functions at national and regional level and getting to know other young greens!

Alex Lee

Hey, I'm Alex, and I'm a tech and science journalist. I studied Media & English at Goldsmiths, University of London and graduated in 2017. I helped to coordinate the set up of the Goldsmiths Green Party Society and was elected secretary in my first year. I'm excited to learn about how I can help the party grow nationally, as well as become adept at tackling questions posed by hard-nosed political journalists, particularly those with ahem...questionable biases.

Helen Jarman

Hi, I’m Helen, currently in my second year of sixth form in Hampshire, planning on studying environmental development at university. I am looking forward to learning more about the Green Party’s forward thinking economic policies while gaining local and national campaigning skills.

Jo Norton

Hi, I'm Jo. I'm from Devon and am a recently qualified History Teacher who is currently working for the National Trust. I have in the last four years completed a history degree and a PGCE with the University of Exeter alongside voluntary work for a number of charities and local organisations. I have only ever lived in the South West of England so I am looking forward to listening to the experiences of people from further afield and I am also interested in learning how to include and engage those who live in rural areas within local and national politics. I am also excited to further my knowledge and understanding of the Green Party and the Young Greens.

Courtney Crawford

I’m Courtenay, from Bristol. I work for a local sustainable energy charity doing communications and marketing. I'm looking forward to learning more about campaign planning and turning my ideas into practical action.

Catherine Dawkins

Hello, I am Catherine and I am originally from Brighton but I currently live in London. I recently finished my Masters and now work for an international bank which specialises partly in the development of Green Finance. Although I have helped with some local election campaigns, I am really looking forward to improving my campaign planning and lobbying skills to assist in my new role on the London Young Greens committee.

Chris Ogden

My name's Chris and I'm a journalist from Manchester. I currently serve on the Executive Committee of Manchester Green Party and I also serve as a member of the Green World Editorial Board. I'm hoping to use the 30 Under 30 scheme to improve my knowledge of the Green Party at a national level and make more working connections with Greens across the country.

Fay Whitfield

I'm an English graduate and poet who has been living in Worcestershire and working in marketing for the last two years, but I'm moving home to Somerset in September to study an MA. I joined the Greens in January 2017, because I wanted to make a difference and push green issues in politics. I'm the Communications Leader for my local party and found myself as the candidate for Mid Worcestershire in the 2017 snap election

Andrew Stark

Hi, I'm Andrew! I'm from Salisbury but I am currently in my 3rd year studying History and Politics at Newcastle. I'm the president of the Young Greens society there and do other volunteering work in my spare time. I'm looking forward to meeting other Young Greens from across the country, learning from them and how to develop skills to help deliver the Green message!

Sophia Sutherland

Hello! my name is Sophia. I am originally from London, but I currently live in Hull where I work for a food company, with a passion to get involved in sustainable food production. I have a great appreciation for the environment and am dedicated to innovating and creating a more sustainable future for our planet. I am excited to have the opportunity to be on this scheme as I believe it will give me the training and experience to help the green party and the green movement as a whole.

Jessica Stocks

Hello, my name is Jess. I live in London, where I work in the Arboriculture sector, and enjoy balancing my personal interests in history, culture and the environment. I have been a Green Party member for several years and helped with local and national campaigns. I am very much looking forward to expanding my knowledge and further developing skills in order to contribute more effectively to the success of the Green Party.

Ed Fraser

Hi, I’m Ed, based in London where I work for an online learning company. I’m excited to meet other Young Greens from across the country, share ideas and collaborate on ways we can help the wider party achieve greater electoral success.

Will Robinson

I’m Will, living in South London and working for a young people’s mental health charity in community fundraising. I’ve been a pretty passive member of the Green Party for a while and am pursuing this as an opportunity to kick me into action. Would love to meet the next Caroline Lucas and give them my long term support.

Victoria Jennings

Hi! My name's Vicky. I studied International Politics at uni and am now working in a children's safeguarding organisation.

My big passion in life is human rights and equality, and I'm really looking forward to meeting the other Young Greens on the scheme, developing skills in campaigning on social justice issues and confidence in public speaking.

Alexander Nettle

Hi, I’m Alex, and I’m a first year student at the University of Birmingham studying History and Political Science. I’ve been a member of the Green Party for nearly four years now, and have helped with campaigns in and around Bath, my home town in this time. I’m excited to be taking part in this scheme, and to learn more about campaigning, public speaking and debating.

Giorgia Finney

Hi, I'm Giorgia from Port Talbot, South Wales! I'm 18 years old and currently in my second year of college studying Geography, Maths and Politics. I've only been a member of the Green Party for a few months, but I have a keen interest in fighting for environmental, as well as social justice, and I'm really excited to play a more active and internal role in the party, while also developing skills in public speaking, local and social media campaigning!

Charlie Keller

Hi, I’m Charlie and I’m in my first year of Sixth Form, in a small town in Cheshire, called Wilmslow! I am currently studying Politics, History and Psychology for my A-levels. With this scheme, I hope that I can expand my knowledge of campaigning, public speaking and debating with the Green Party. I look forward to meeting all of you lovely people.

Nicholas Thorp

My name is Nicholas and I am from Hackney in London. My academic background is in Oriental Studies and Art History, but a few years ago I became passionate about ecology and environmentalism which is why I joined the Green Party. I am most looking forward to the 30u30 scheme so I can learn about what it takes to get elected and become a greater part of the green movement.

Rebecca Willatt

My name is Rebecca and I live in Brighton with my husband who is from Colombia, where we moved back from in 2016. I work as Marketing Manager for the South East Cluster for Aldridge Education, an academy trust. The welfare of young adults and the provision of sustainable social services are a couple of my political priorities. Whilst in the 30 under 30 programme I would like to learn more about public mobilisation, campaign creation and policy making.

Niklas Lundgren

Hi I'm Niklas and I'm originally from the northern regions of Sweden and has been living in North London a little over a year now. I'm a first year full-time student at Open University studying math and physics while trying to maintain a full-time job at the LEGO Group. I'm passionate about science, technology and the environment and I believe advances in any subject can benefit the other. The Green party has shown me that this could be possible. Looking forward to get more involved to be a part of the change.

Liam McClelland

I’m Liam (pronouns he/him) I’m a 2nd year Philosophy and Theology mature student at the University of Nottingham. I also volunteer with Nottingham School of Boxing and Switch Up Nottingham doing some peer mentoring and administration.

I co-chair Nottingham Green Party with Kirsty Jones, as well as being the Social Media Officer (job share) with East Midlands Greens and Chair of Complaints and Disputes and on the Structures and Procedures Committee for the Young Greens. I’ve stood for Nottingham Green Party in two local elections, coming second in the ward I live in in 2015.

I’m really looking forward to learning more about policy to help with hustings and to give me more confidence within my roles in the Party. I believe the skills I’ll learn on the scheme will help me with Nottingham’s Target to Win campaign in 2019. I’d really like to see us getting a Green Councillor then.

Tyrone Scott

Hi I'm Tyrone and I live in Sheffield. I currently work for a housing charity providing casework assistance for those at risk of homelessness. I also write for a few local publications, generally specialising in music reviews. I am keen to become more involved within my local party, helping it grow and finding out how we can make a positive impact on people's lives

Charley Sealy

Hey, I’m Charley (pronouns she/her) I am a 2nd year English student at the University of Southampton. I love reading, creative writing, going to festivals, and wearing flowers in my hair. I am really excited to learn as much I can in the training scheme, especially about the press and media side of things, and I can't wait to become more involved within the party!

Lewis Williams

I’m Lewis and I’m currently studying for an MSc in Forensic Mental Health at Barts and The London in East London. I’ve been an event organiser for QM Young Greens for the past 2 years and I’m looking to further my political knowledge beyond the student sphere and learn more about campaigning and running for election, in particular about campaigning in the wider society for issues concerning social justice and environmental causes.

Merlin Bevan-Stevenson

Hi there, my name is Merlin and I am a graduate from Sussex University in Theoretical Physics. I have stayed in Brighton and Hove and am now a Maths teacher locally. I am looking forwards to developing skills to help drive change both environmentally and socially

Saeed Shahani

I’m Saeed from London where I work at an investment bank, having previously studied International Relations at LSE. In my spare time I sing in a metal band, travel, and do coding. I’m looking forward to building skills in election campaigning and getting more involved in the party.

Sam Taylor

Hi, I'm Sam (pronouns they/them). I live in Shrewsbury, and am a member of the Shrewsbury and North Shropshire Green Party. I have been a member since early 2015. I ran for a councillor position in a by-election in my area, I would like to do this again if I have the opportunity after 30 under 30. I want to improve accessibility both within the Green Party and the world in general. I volunteer with a few local disability charities. I have experience fundraising, and public speaking, and would like to improve my knowledge of internal Green and Young Green policies. I look forward to meeting everyone properly!

Sam Collins

Hi, I am Sam and I currently live in Kent after moving from Cornwall in 2016. I work as a Primary Teacher after studying a degree in International Studies at the University of Greenwich. I am looking forward to becoming involved with campaigning and learning more about promoting green policies and promoting young people involvement.

Sophie Allen

Hi, I'm Sophie. I work in disaster risk management, and am currently studying for an MSc in Climate Change and Policy. Through the 30u30 training scheme, I hope to learn more about how I can best develop my skills to positively contribute to a more socially just and sustainable future. I am also really looking forward to meeting other Young Greens, sharing ideas and getting inspired.