30 Under 30

30 under 30 is a development scheme offering young people in the Green Party one year of expert training and mentoring, increasing engagement and knowledge of the Party and the wider political world. Our aim is for participants to emerge with the rounded base of skills and experience that would allow them to become the next generation of MPs, MEPs, Councillors, Assembly Members and top-level party officials. Recruitment will open in the early Spring, and the programme is due to start in May/June 2019.

The bigger picture

We feel this project will help to offer young people the kind of support and profile building that will leave the Green Party more open to the idea of younger people taking positions of responsibility and to select them for winnable seats. We hope it will leave a new generation ready to take on the reins.

What we offer

  • 5 weekends with training, insider information, tours, networking and career advice
  • A training programme consisting of policy, campaigns, media & press, public speaking & debating
  • A mentoring programme, with individuals assigned to the person most closely suiting their political ambitions
  • Financial support for members to attend and get involved through an access fund system
  • A chance for members to raise their profile and get involved in the party democracy

What we look for

  • Aged 16-29 and a member of the Green Party of England and Wales*
  • Demonstrable commitment to the Green Party and its aims
  • An interest in working with the Green Party, either internally or by becoming an elected member
  • Some experience in politics or campaigning
  • Willingness and commitment to learn new skills, contribute to Green Party campaigning, attend training weekends
  • Resident in England or Wales or ability to travel to England or Wales for the duration of the year
  • A commitment to equality and diversity

30 under 30 is open to Young Greens of 16-18 years with full permission and consent form signed by a parent, guardian or care giver. Training weekends involve overnight stays. If you don't live in the area the weekend is held, we offer to link you up with local Young Greens who have crash space.