Upcoming Events

  • February 8, 2020: Young Greens Action Day in East Surrey

    154 Brambletye Park
    154 Brambletye Park
    Redhill, RH1 6ED

    For too long, our political leaders have been gambling away our futures, and shutting young people out of our democracy. From pushing failed education reforms to forcing through devastating cuts and relentless financing of the fossil fuel industry - they seem intent on stamping down on our generation.

    We desperately need to get more Green councillors elected - pushing our local councils to implement the Green New Deal locally, properly fund vital public services and overhaul our broken political system! The impact of Green councillors across our region, from Brighton to Reading and Oxford, never ceases to amaze us. Imagine what change more elected Greens will make!

    In East Surrey, we have just the chance of making this happen!

    What does it involve?

    We’ll be hitting the streets of East Surrey, delivering leaflets and speaking to local residents. This is a fantastic opportunity to meet other Young Greens, gain some political campaigning experience, and take part in one of the most exciting Green campaigns in the South East.

    There will be training and briefing on the day and there will always be another experienced Young Green campaigner there to buddy up with too! We’ll be going out in pairs or small groups so you’ll never be alone, and we’ll be all joining up together for lunch (and also to put our feet up at the nearest local at the end of the day!) If you have any questions please contact south.east@younggreens.org.uk.

    There's no requirement to attend a whole day and we really appreciate every moment of your time that you give to helping us achieve more Green councillor gains in May!

    (P.S. We ask for your address when you sign up so that we can send you a thank you at the end of the campaign. However, you don't need to provide your address if you don't want to!)