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Boris Johnson’s New Cabinet Places Fossil Fuel Interests Above The Needs of Young People

Boris Johnson

As cuts to Universal Credit threaten to force 800,000 British people into poverty, no amount of cabinet shuffling will distract us from the real-world impact of Tory incompetence.  Students and young people want politicians with the experience and understanding to prioritise wellbeing, create a fairer education system and provide stability in an uncertain future. This […]

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The Young Greens break a record with this year’s election results

This weekend, a record-breaking number of Young Greens were elected to local councils across England. On ‘Super Thursday,’ which saw the largest number of local elections take place on the same day, eight amazing Young Greens proved that more and more people are crying out for fresh ideas and radical voices to represent them in […]

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Sian Berry pledges 5 transformative policies for young Londoners

As young Londoners, we have been particularly hit hard by the coronavirus. Our education, job prospects and mental health have all been impacted – especially for those of us with less access to financial protection, digital resources and green spaces. As London’s first Green Mayor, Sian Berry would work hard to give young people a […]

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Cambridge looks to join the divestment surge

We are proud to support the student led Jesus Climate Justice Campaign (JCJC) based in Jesus College, Cambridge. Cambridge University recently announced a divestment target of 2030, but the nature of the University means that this does not apply to the many colleges that make up the University. JCJC have organised a petition signed by […]

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