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Young Greens condemn resignation of ex-Conservative Youth Chair Ben Bradley

Conservative Youth chair Ben Bradley has resigned[1], within only a few months of being appointed, over the government’s Brexit plan. Young Greens co-chair Ben Parker said: “If Ben Bradley ever wanted to represent young people, he would have fought this government’s hard Brexit position, standing up for freedom of movement. Young people overwhelmingly voted to […]

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Young Greens Officer scheme launched!

On behalf of the Executive Committee of the Young Greens, we’d like to share an exciting membership proposal to all local parties and Young Greens; we would like to propose having a Young Greens Officer on every local party executive (if possible) across England and Wales! The mutually beneficial purpose of the recruitment of Young Greens […]

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Young Greens react to May Bank Holiday floods

The Young Greens express their sympathy to residents of areas such as Birmingham who have been affected by flooding this weekend. Flash storms, which have seen transport disrupted and caused many homes, cars and personal belongings to be damaged, including many student homes, have happened throughout England and Wales [1]. Tragically, these floods have also […]

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