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Young Greens condemn resignation of ex-Conservative Youth Chair Ben Bradley

Conservative Youth chair Ben Bradley has resigned[1], within only a few months of being appointed, over the government’s Brexit plan.

Young Greens co-chair Ben Parker said:

“If Ben Bradley ever wanted to represent young people, he would have fought this government’s hard Brexit position, standing up for freedom of movement. Young people overwhelmingly voted to remain, and he has utterly failed to represent our interests. Now, he resigns to try to push the government to an even more extreme Brexit that young people have already rejected. To have resigned within only a few months of being appointed is extremely disappointing for all young people looking to him to represent their interests in this vital moment. His replacement must listen to young people and make the case for a people’s vote, freedom of movement, and for the change to the green economy our young people so desperately need.”




Ben Parker – Ben Bradley Resignation