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Young Greens Officer scheme launched!

On behalf of the Executive Committee of the Young Greens, we’d like to share an exciting membership proposal to all local parties and Young Greens; we would like to propose having a Young Greens Officer on every local party executive (if possible) across England and Wales!

The mutually beneficial purpose of the recruitment of Young Greens Officers is to increase the capacity and outreach of local parties – as well as to give younger members of the party better representation in local party politics. We hope having a Young Green Officer in local parties will help local parties and Young Greens build momentum from a grassroots basis; boosting our capacity to organise during election time, increasing Young Green membership, as well as making local parties more accessible to young people and students. One of our major objectives here is to build bridges between local parties and Young Greens in order to galvanise young people into action in their area during election time and beyond.

We will be working as hard as possible to find suitable volunteers, and would appreciate it if you also spread the word! So far we have had really positive responses from local parties and Young Greens across the country, with increasing numbers of Young Green Officers establshed into local party constitutions! We really believe this is a great way of engaging Young Greens at a grassroots level, and ensuring that local Green parties and politics is intergenerational and fulfilling their electoral and wider potential. We really hope you’ll be on board with this, and that this initiative brings more capacity and success to our local parties!

If you, like LPs such as Brighton and Hove, already have a Young Greens Officer in place- that’s fantastic and we’d still love to hear from you! If you could please let us know their contact details, as well as having some information about what kind of things they have been doing we would really appreciate that in order to build our network. Furthermore if you’ve got three or more Young Greens in your local party, please let us know so that we can set them up as an official Young Greens group!

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