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Young Greens respond to the government's EU Nationals Citizenship Statement

With the announcement of the Home Secretary’s scheme to grant EU citizens ‘settled’ status in the UK post-Brexit[1], the Young Greens of England and Wales want to emphasise the need for legal clarity, especially in the wake of the windrush scandal, to make clear their concerns about the process.

The Young Greens are calling on the Government for guarantees on the legal status of EU citizens who apply for ‘settled’ status through this scheme, as well as definitive timescales on the process and a provision for those who fail to apply.

The scheme presented by Sajid Javid requires EU citizens prove their ID, whether they have criminal convictions and whether they live in the UK as part of the residency applications. These will cost £65 for adults, £32.50 for children and be free for EU nationals who already have residency or indefinite leave to remain. The majority of applications will be made online or via smartphone app.

#PeopleNotNumbers Campaign Committee Member Fay Whitfield said:

“We want the government to recognise how this scheme excludes EU citizens in disadvantaged positions, such as those on a low income, with low technical ability or those without the right paperwork, who will want to apply for ‘settled’ status.

The Home Secretary has failed to address the opportunity for EU citizens to fall between the cracks through no fault of their own and we are demanding that this is addressed before the trails for the scheme begin to avoid another Windrush-style scandal.”