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Young Greens challenge Government on inaction on clean air

Today, the Young Greens of England and Wales encourage the Government to take action and clean our air.

On Clean Air Day, the Young Greens are calling for real action on air pollution as well as encouraging members to support and implement the Green Party’s Breathing Cities campaign in their local areas.

The campaign, that launched early this year, aims to take steps to reduce the amount of unsafe toxins in the air. In order to achieve this Breathing Cities will assist individuals in creating more responsive communities where local councils are pushing to see cleaner more accessible public transport as well as improving opportunities for physical activity.

Young Greens Co-Chair Ben Parker said:

‘We challenge the Government’s weak clean air strategy [1], which fails to tackle the detrimental causes of air pollution efficiently. Air pollution is a silent killer, with up to 40,000 premature deaths each year attributed to it.

We are calling for effective and achievable changes in local communities that adhere to our Air Quality Plan Checklist[2]”

For more information on the Breathing Cities Campaign go to:

[1] –