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Young Greens call for apology from Sheffield Star

The Young Greens of England and Wales have expressed their dismay and disgust at the treatment of Lord Mayor Magid Magid by the Sheffield Star.[1]

Following his highly reported inauguration as Sheffield’s youngest ever Lord Mayor, Green Councillor Magid Magid has been subject to a vicious, racist and xenophobic front page attack.

Young Greens Co-Chair Hannah Graham said:

“We are absolutely dismayed by the actions of the Sheffield Star and call on their immediate retraction of the article.

With the average age of a councillor in England and Wales at more than 60[2], we need to support more young people in politics.

We look forward to the continued successes of Magid and an apology from the paper”

The Young Greens of England and Wales are continuing to support young candidates and councillors and encourage all young greens to reach out and find more information about being a councillor. We provide close support, training and a strong candidate community. For more info click here [3] or email